End of Halogen Light Bulbs Spells a Brighter and Cleaner Future

Wednesday 1st February 2023

EU Commission adopts regulation to ban all fluorescent lighting by September 2023

The European Commission has now adopted 12 regulations under the RoHS Directive effectively banning fluorescent lighting for sale in the EU by September 2023. On a cumulative basis between 2023 and 2035, the much-delayed decision to phase-out these mercury-containing lamps will save approximately €18.2 billion, as well as 190 TWh of electricity and 1.8 metric tonnes of toxic mercury. The EU decision will provide crucial support to a global effort to phase-out fluorescents under the Minamata Convention on Mercury, where a key decision is expected in late March.


The decision to phase out all mercury-containing light sources comes after a public comment process that closed in July 2021. The public review gave no serious negative comments, so it was generally believed that the Commission was about to move forward quickly with the phase out decision.

The timing of this decision effectively means that the largest category of mercury-containing light sources, linear fluorescent lamps, will be banned by September 2023. This is when part of these light sources would have been banned under eco-design anyway. However, this decision is a great step forward since it also covers another category that would have been allowed to remain on the market.

The decision will have large impacts in the EU although the delay reduces the potential savings.
A detailed assessment by DG Environment assessment in July 2020 focused on the three most common types of mercury-containing lamps – T5 linear fluorescent, T8 linear fluorescent and pin-based compact fluorescents – concluded that a phase-out by 2021 would have generated an EU-wide cumulative reduction of electricity consumption of more than 300 terawatt-hours and 92 mega tonnes of associated carbon dioxide emissions.

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