MID Approved Coin Meters – Pros and Cons

Wednesday 3rd January 2024

Are you the Proud Owner of a Coin Meter?

If you’ve still got one of the old, non-MID, non-compliant Smiths, Sangamo, or Ferranti coin-operated meters (as seen above), then you should seriously think about getting these changed as soon as possible. 

Please hear us out!

Landlords must ensure that they comply with the most up-to-date regulations.

For information on MID Approval click here.

If you’ve upgraded to one of the newer, MID Approved models below, here are the pros and cons:

  • No requirement for cards, tokens, or ongoing subscriptions
  • Two-coin acceptance
  • Pound and Euro Variants
  • Dual Tariff for Economy 7
  • Simple operation

  • Bulky Design
  • No Emergency Credit Feature
  • Temperamental mechanisms
  • Coin Acceptance issues
  • Theft
  • Break-ins
  • Vandalism
  • Fraud- Certain models work on diameter and accept anything the same size as the coin slot
  • Accessing tenants properties
  • Emptying cash boxes
  • Manual programming of tariffs
  • Cash handling
  • Tenants must always have cash handy
  • Electricity-only operation
  • Costly maintenance/replacement in the event of a fault/break-in
  • Cash boxes fill up quickly due to rising energy costs

In 2023, Coin Operated Meters are very outdated, and for good reasons.

We recommend that you choose a smart prepayment metering system for your electric, gas, and water metering needs, and enjoy the benefits which include:

  – Total self-sufficiency
  – Simple to use online platform (for both tenants and landlords)
  – Auto-top-up feature for tenants (operates like a standing order)
  – Emergency credit feature 
  – 9-5 phone payment service for technophobes/clients with no internet access
  – Remote operation (tariff changes, clearing credit, sending credit)
  – Multi-utility functionality for Gas, Water, and Heat (additional components required) 
  – Automated monthly or weekly money transfer directly into your bank
  – Automated reconciliation showing exactly what was topped up and when
  – Email notifications for tampering and suspected bypassing
  – Multi-tariff settings for economy 7 and night storage heaters
  – Friendly Hours function (common with staff quarters/accommodation/room servicing/maintenance)
  – Free Vend mode for vacant property periods
  – Low ongoing costs, recovered by reasonable service charge (typically 23p a day)

CESCO Meters – are they MID approved?

Yes – all meters supplied by CESCO are MID approved. CESCO are proud to be agents for PJW Meters across the island of Ireland. PJW are a leading designer and manufacturer of quality meters. Their range of meters include gas, electrical and many more. To view the full range of PJW meters stocked here in Dublin by CESCO, please visit here: Meters - CESCO

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