Our New Range Of P & J Wales Meters

Monday 14th September 2020

CESCO & P&J Wales Partnership

Cesco are proud to announce our new partnership with P&J Wales.

This partnership gives us access to a wide range of Meters such as

Single Phase kWh Meters, 3 Phase kWh Meters, Din Rail Mounted

kWh Meters, Card Meters & of course Coin Meters!


A Closer Look at P & J Wales Meters...

Single Phase Electronic Electricity Meter - CM100LCD

The emlite single phase meter provides a compact solution for many metering applications. This highly accurate meter may be used for utility billing or micro - generation metering. The meter provides measurement of active (kWh) energy in both import and export directions with registers shown on the large easy to read LCD display. 

Full Data Sheet Available HERE
EML    Key Feature

2 Rate Single Phase KWH Meter - CM100LCD-2RATE

The ME162 single-phase electronic meters are intended for electric energy measurement and registration in single-phase two-wire networks in household. The meter is approved and manufactured in compliance with the IEC 62052-11, IEC 62053-21 (IEC 61036) standards and ISO 9001. They are designed according to even more severe Iskraemeco’s standards that are the result of our more than 50-year experiences of meter manufacturing and fifty million meters installed worldwide.

Full Data Sheet Available HERE
P & J Wales Meters      
Anti-Tamper Version also available Click Here -  Anti Tamper KWH Meter 100A Single Phase
P & J Wales Meters

P & J Wales Card & Coin Meters

Single Phase Prepayment Card Meter

  • MID approved contactless card meter
  • Rating: 100A
  • RFID/Contactless card technology
  • Anti-tamper extended terminal cover
  • 7 Digit LCD Display
  • kWh and Timer functions
  • Debt charge and standing charge features
  • Single tarriff and dual tariff functionality for standard and economy 7 enery tariffs
P & J Wales Meters

Top Up Crad

€1 & €2 Coin Meter

P & J Wales Meters

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